148 positions were cut at GlobalFoundries in Essex Junction

Officials from the Vermont Department of Labor have confirmed that 148 positions were cut at GlobalFoundries in Essex Junction, the largest private employer in Vermont. The job cuts come just months after outgoing Sen. Patrick Leahy secured $30 million for the company to develop the next generation of computer chips. And there’s likely more money heading GlobalFoundries’ way as part of the CHIPS Act. Vermont Gov. Phil Scott said the layoffs are tough news to hear. “I’m disappointed, obviously, in any loss of particularly that number of positions lost at any one company or even overall. The only bright spot, if there is one is that we have a number of positions available throughout the state. And I’m sure that we can find jobs for those who wish to continue,” said Gov. Scott. GlobalFoundries said factors like inflation, elevated energy costs and interest rate increases are partly to blame for the layoffs. Meanwhile, the state is reminding affected workers that there are hundreds of manufacturing jobs available right now in Vermont.