A Lyndon woman who claimed she wanted her 22-year-old son out of her home was jailed

A Lyndon woman who claimed she wanted her 22-year-old son out of her home was jailed Tuesday after first allegedly destroying her son’s bong and marijuana smoking pipe and then later allegedly assaulting the son. Nora Irick, 45, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to charges of unlawful mischief, for the bong and pipe destruction, domestic assault and violating a condition of release. Irick appeared for her arraignment by video from inside the Northeast Regional Correctional Facility. She was jailed there after Lyndonville Police had multiple encounters with Irick on Tuesday. The first time was at the North Country Federal Credit Union in Lyndonville when Officer Jason Harris learned Irick wanted her son out of the house. “I advised she had to go to court for that to be done,” the officer noted in his affidavit. “I then cautioned her against causing damage to Jacob’s belongings in an attempt to force him out, informing her she could be charged for that.” About an hour later officers Harris and Dan Renaudette responded to Irick’s house on Gilman Road for a reported family fight. There, they learned about the destroyed pot pipe and bong. Irick was taken into custody and processed at the police department after she repeatedly said she intended to destroy her son’s property until he left the house, wrote Officer Harris. Twenty minutes later, Officer Renaudette was back at Irick’s house for the alleged assault. She is accused of striking her son several times in the face. The officer arrested Irick and she was jailed for lack of a responsible adult to house her that night.