An Extreme Risk Protection order was issued

An Extreme Risk Protection order was issued by the court last week prohibiting an East Hardwick man from possessing firearms for two years. Superior Court Judge Michael R. Kainen granted the temporary protection order against Michael Edward McCuen, 36, on Friday, Jan. 6, at the request of Deputy State’s Attorney Tom Paul. McCuen has now been accused of assaulting a pregnant woman and was taken into custody by the Vermont State Police Tactical Services Unit at his home early Tuesday morning.  McCuen, who may have mental health issues, is now being held without bail and subject to a court-ordered mental health evaluation. Police said McCuen had three guns in his possession – a shotgun, a muzzleloader and a handgun which have now been confiscated by Hardwick Police.  McCuen was then charged by the Caledonia County State’s Attorney’s Office with 1st-degree aggravated domestic assault. McCuen is accused of assaulting a pregnant 33-year-old woman by pushing, kicking and hitting her in the back of the head after threatening to kill her.