Moo92 Lunch Party at 12PM!

Adam puts a strain on your brain daily with Moo 92 Trivia! Tune in weekdays and see if you can answer his almost impossible questions!
Listen weekdays to the Moo 92 Lunch Party for a chance to win some great prizes with Adam! Here’s a list of the contests and prizes given out weekdays at 1220pm!

Monday – Backspin contest — Adam will play a piece of a song backwards. Guess the title of the song to win
Tuesday – Hit in Pieces — Adam will play 3 hit songs in pieces – Guess the title of all 3 songs to win.
Wednesday – 10 Seconds to Win — Adam will play ten seconds of a song. Guess the title of the song to win.
Thursday – Movie Day — Adam will play a line from a popular movie. Guess the name of the movie to win.
Friday – Free Lunch Friday— Adam picks at random from all the office entries to win a dozen donuts and a box of joe from Dunkin Donuts.