Vermont Department of Health: it’s not known how many students tested positive

 It was back to school for most Vermont students on Monday. State health officials were hoping to stop that from becoming a super-spreader event by pre-testing kids at home. The state handed out about 45,000 antigen testing kits at the end of last week. But the Vermont Department of Health says the tests are not specifically coded, so they can’t distinguish those results from other antigen test results. So it’s not known how many students tested positive. But some schools are reporting a high number of people out sick Monday. The state distributed antigen tests as a way to encourage testing students in grades K-12 before they return to school. But it was a last-minute effort during a holiday week and the state only distributed a little more than half of the tests they had hoped.  On New Year’s Eve, Vermont’s Agency of Education alerted the head of schools, saying it is adopting the new CDC guidance, changing quarantine and vaccination rules. This has caused the schools some confusion and they’re all asking the state for clarification.