Maple season is typically months away

Maple season is typically months away. But what happens when Vermont sees a warmup and maple season starts early? Lots of sugar-makers have their taps in trees in early December, so when the sap runs, they can collect. A warmup at the end of 2022 meant boiling at the start of 2023. The Branon family has already collected roughly 100,000 gallons of sap. It’s early, but not unfathomable. “We have definitely had similar runs before,” Branon said. So while the warmth is unseasonable, the early sap run doesn’t cue alarm bells for these sugar-makers. Branon estimates this sap is over 99% water. So to make 1 gallon of syrup, it will take roughly 86 gallons of sap. He says a normal run is 98% water and only takes about 43 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup. “It’s probably going to be a lighter color and a lighter maple taste,” he said.“As the season progresses, we will get right back to that stronger flavor and it will turn to a great season,” Branon said.