A Newport man has been convicted and sentenced for sexually assaulting a pre-teen girl

A Newport man has been convicted and sentenced for repeatedly getting a pre-teen girl drunk and stoned and then sexually assaulting her multiple times over several weeks in 2015. John Duprey, 27, was initially charged in 2019 with sexual assault on a child under the age of 13 but pleaded guilty in October of 2021 to an amended charge as part of a plea agreement. On Thursday, Duprey appeared in Orleans Superior Court before Judge Lisa A. Warren for sentencing. Orleans County State’s Attorney Jennifer Barrett asked the court to impose a sentence of 15-20 years in jail. But Duprey’s defense attorney, Lydia V. Newcomb of Newport, argued for a sentence that would allow Duprey to be released from jail into the community so Duprey could improve his life after serving about 30 months in pre-trial detention. “From a defense standpoint, 15-20 years is absolutely excessive,” said Attorney Newcomb. But State’s Attorney Barrett stood by her request.

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