A Newport woman has been charged with stealing three puppies from a Coventry residence

A Newport woman has been charged with stealing three puppies from a Coventry residence. Tamieka Demo, 20, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday in Orleans Superior Court to three counts of misdemeanor petit larceny and was released on conditions. According to a report by Vermont State Police Sgt. Joshua Mikkola, three German Shepard puppies were stolen from Daniel Rich, and his wife Jennifer Rhodes on July 25. The puppies were in an outdoor pen at 218 Nebelski Road in Coventry when they disappeared. “I called and spoke with Rich who advised his dogs had a litter of 10 puppies,” wrote Sgt. Mikkola. Rich said on Monday, July 25,  he left his home around noon and returned around 9 PM. When he returned, 3 of the ten puppies were missing from their enclosed outdoor cage.” Rich told police that when the puppies were stolen, they were approximately six weeks old and that he was later contacted by a female who reported she believed she may have purchased one of the stolen puppies unknowingly. The female said she purchased the puppy from ‘Levi Sanville and Tamieka Demo,’” wrote Sgt. Mikkola.  According to court documents, the female identified herself as Amanda Allen. “Amanda advised she purchased a German Shepard puppy from Demo for $250 on July 29,” wrote Sgt. Mikkola. “Amanda said they got the puppy from Demo’s camper off  RT 105 in the Town of Newport Center. Demo, who told police she found the puppies in the woods. She faces a possible sentence of up to three years in prison and $3,000 in fines if convicted.