Customers of the former People’s United Bank are dealing with a variety of issues

From being locked out of online banking, to receiving messages that their account does not exist at all, customers of the former People’s United Bank are dealing with a variety of issues since the entity was acquired by M&T Bank. Customers say their problems began over Labor Day weekend when M&T bank, which acquired People’s United in April, transferred their accounts into a combined banking system. Customers say when they try and reach out to M&T for help, they’re met with long wait times and a recorded message that their call will be returned within 24 to 48 hours.  Vt. DFR Commissioner Kevin Gaffney says the state is aware of the issues people are facing. “We’re not just being passive in this process. We actually did reach out to M&T Bank. We have not yet gotten a response.” He says the department has received a number of complaints about the merger but cannot do much because they only regulate state-chartered banks with Vermont headquarters. Gaffney offered customers this advice: “I would say just, what they can do is just keep records to their current accounts, you know, whatever they have access in the past just keep and hold those until they can access their accounts online. But I would say reach out to the bank. And if they are not getting any response, then I would first reach out to the primary regulator in New York.” The transition will continue for the next few weeks. M&T says it will continue trying to improve customers’ experience and will allow them to use their existing People’s United cards until September 20th.