Executive director of Vermont’s Enhanced 911 Board: Older phones may stop working in early 2022

An alert to people using devices that are on the 3G network — many will become obsolete in the near future. While most 3G devices have already been phased out, there are still people relying on old phones. It’s an outdated system and is being retired to make room for 4G LTE or 5G systems. But some could still be using it. “Older phones may stop working in early 2022,” said Barbara Neal, the executive director of Vermont’s Enhanced 911 Board. According to the FCC, AT&T is expected to retire the network in February, T-Mobile and Sprint will retire it between March and July, and Verizon at the end of the year. “Customers of those services should be getting notice from the carrier if this discontinuation impacts them,” Neal said.  They don’t know how many 3G-dependent phones are in our region, but Neal says of all the 911 calls that came through the state’s 911 system, 7.5% were 911-only phones. She suspects some were 3G-based. If you have any concerns, call a carrier or a device manufacturer to see if it’s time for an upgrade.