Former UVM ER doctor pleads guilty to a federal child pornography charge

A former ER doctor at the University of Vermont Medical Center is going to spend more than eight years in prison after pleading guilty to a federal child pornography charge. Thirty-nine-year-old Eike Blohm was sentenced Tuesday in Burlington after pleading guilty to the single count of possession of child pornography. Blohm was a highly respected emergency room doctor,  but that all changed two years ago with the discovery of a hidden camera in a staff bathroom at the hospital where police say he obtained around 900 videos of employees. A search warrant later turned up 600 images depicting child pornography on his media devices, including children who were pre-pubescent. Under the plea deal, Blohm will spend a total of 100 months in prison at a low-security facility in either Ohio, Texas, or Colorado. That will be followed by 12 years of supervised release. He will be listed on the Vermont Sex Offender Registry and will never be permitted to practice medicine again.

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