Guests at the Burke Senior Meal Site treated to a visit by two Mt. Sinai Shriners

Before enjoying their Friday fellowship and luncheon together, about 20 seniors and a few guests at the Burke Senior Meal Site were first treated to a visit by two Mt. Sinai Shriners, Winston Harper and Ken Johnson. As Shriners, the Northeast Kingdom residents work to raise funds to help children with various medical needs. The men would explain how the aluminum tabs snapped off of soda and beer cans and gathered at collection locations are recycled and turned into money that helps support the mission of the Shriner’s hospitals. Johnson, of Irasburg, and Harper, of Glover, spoke about their work to assist the Shriner’s hospital located in Montreal, Quebec, in Canada, the only Shriner’s hospital in Canada. There are 22 Shriner’s hospitals total in the world, with 20 of them in the U.S. and one each in Canada and Mexico. The pair of Shriners explained that the work of the Mt. Sinai chapter of the organization supports the hospital in Montreal, which is a fairly new facility, having been completed in 2015, and the work of two Shriner’s hospitals in Massachusetts, the hospital in Boston which cares for children who have suffered burns, and the hospital in Springfield, which focuses on orthopedic disabilities.