Maple Festival underway in Saint Albans

Maple season may be over, but the celebrations for Vermont’s liquid gold were underway this weekend in St. Albans.
Maple wasn’t the only thing on the menu at the Vermont Maple Festival but it was the main thing. “Cotton candy, milkshakes, snow cones, creemees, donuts…”.
The 55th Vermont Maple Festival returned this weekend after two years due to the pandemic. It saw a weekend full of maple activities, the festival was spread across downtown St. Albans.
Yesterday, the parade took place along Main Street. And candy was certainly not in short supply, with almost every float handing out the sweet stuff.
There were maple-themed floats, multiple marching bands, bagpipers, candidates for office and lots of high fives from the Shriners on their gocarts.
It was a sweet return to celebrate an even sweeter Vermont crop!