Mud season has been so bad that even road crews have had to stay home

Mud season has been so bad that even road crews have had to stay home. That was the case, at least, in Barnet this weekend. The situation came to a head late last week when the Barnet crew determined their efforts to stem the spread of the muck and mire were doing more harm than good. Barnet select board member Dylan Ford said  “Our road crew has been trying to stay ahead of the mud, but for now has decided that our huge trucks are only going to do more damage and our gravel is just getting buried. They will get out as soon as they can.” Ford said part of the motivation in informing the community of the pause in road crew efforts was to let residents know the board and crew were not ignoring the problem but there was little that could be done and the last thing they wanted was for a town truck to get stuck, and also wanted to make sure people who were new to the community understood the situation. “You don’t really imagine that things could get this bad and you just can’t fix it,” said Ford, noting when there’s a heavy snowstorm or ice, the road crews can plow, salt and sand, but the severity of this mud season was too much. Ford said the crew was just dumping truckload after truckload of gravel and it was simply getting swallowed by the mud, wasting crew time and material costs. Conditions improved enough Sunday night and Monday night that the crews were able to get back out and start logging long hours to try to get ahead of the situation. The cold nights were helping, said Ford.

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