New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu harshly criticizes a Massachusetts court

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu harshly criticized a Massachusetts court on Tuesday for placing Harmony Montgomery, missing since 2019 at age 5, with her father and stepmother before the state could complete a study of their home. Sununu, in a letter to the chief justice of Massachusetts’ highest court, described the father Adam Montgomery as a “monster.” Adam Montgomery has a criminal record that goes back to  2007 in both states. In Massachusetts, he was previously convicted of shooting someone in the head and a separate armed attack on two women, Sununu wrote. Sununu asked why the Massachusetts courts went ahead and placed Harmony Montgomery with him. The governor said that at the time the court ruled, New Hampshire’s child protection agency had asked Massachusetts for additional information to complete the home study and would have likely found the father unfit. “It is unclear why the Massachusetts courts moved so quickly with this permanent placement prior to the completion of the home study. Why would the Massachusetts court choose to place custody of Harmony with this horrible individual? What caused such a fateful decision?” Sununu wrote. Sununu is requesting the court review the decision and all events leading to the judge’s ruling.

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