Police forcibly removed a homeless woman from a piece of Western Avenue propert

Police forcibly removed a homeless woman from a piece of Western Avenue property on Wednesday. Sharon Jasper, 73, had been staying on the vacant property owned by a limited liability corporation connected to Murphy Realty since she was told to vacate the Fairbanks Inn on Sept. 1. She piled up garbage bags containing her belongings in a circle and used an umbrella for cover. Her encampment was across the road from the motel. Police and local support agencies took notice of Jasper’s presence. Town Manager Chad Whitehead said she refused attempts to try to help relocate her. The property owner was willing to give the agencies a little time to figure out a plan to find her a place to go, but on Wednesday, the time was up. Peter Murphy met with Police Chief Tim Page and Whitehead and it was decided to remove Jasper and her belongings from the property. Whitehead said Jasper again refused assistance and refused to leave “so the PD had no choice but to take her into custody.” Jasper offered some resistance to the arrest, she was handcuffed and taken to the police station, where with no options identified, police released Jasper with a citation for criminal trespass. Her belongings were collected by a Department of Public Works crew and stored at their facility. Jasper was informed that her belongings were in a secure place and once she had housing they would help facilitate getting them back into her possession,” Whitehead said.