Saturday, Aug. 20 is the date of Rescue Rally

Saturday, Aug. 20 is the date of Rescue Rally, an event that brings participants to all corners of the Northeast Kingdom while raising funds for donkeys and horses in the care of Arnold’s Rescue in Brownington, including their efforts to preserve the rare French donkey. Rescue Rally is open to all and involves visiting any or all of 20 stops on a route that includes hidden gems of the Kingdom, like a campground on Lake Willoughby, an Amish doughnut shop, country stores and farmers markets in Newport. Participants get a stamp at each stop and trade them at the end of the day for tickets to deposit in a bag for dozens of prizes. The rally ends at Arnold’s Rescue at 91 Old Cemetery Lane. People may visit with residents of the rescue farm, including Hamilton and Misty, rare juvenile French donkeys perpetuating the Poiteau (pwart-ti-aaa) donkey breed. Winning numbers will be drawn between 5:15 and 5:30, and participants should plan to arrive in time to deposit their tickets. They can start getting their stamps at any of the 20 locations at 9 a.m. on Aug. 20.