Testing the state of cellphone coverage in Vermont


The Department of Public Service would like to see more cellphone connections in Vermont’s future. So nine VTrans drivers are traveling 6,500 miles of Vermont road for the next three months with six phones in tow.

Each phone is hooked up with a different carrier, like Verizon and AT&T. The speed test is conducted using an app called Ookla, which measures the ability to successfully make a phone call and complete a download. The Department of Public Service says they anticipate completing half a million speed tests.

“Each handset records the results for that carrier. And once the results are recorded, we’ll extract all the information from the cellphones, and Ookla will analyze that information and make different colored hexagons,” explained Corey Chase of the Vermont Department of Public Service.

The state hopes the results from the drive tests will help with municipal planning and help Vermonters know what carriers work best in their area. They also plan to share the data with the FCC and the carriers.

You can submit your own data, too. The state is encouraging Vermonters to download Ookla and run a speed test in the comfort of their own home and neighborhood, not on the road while driving. To submit your own test, go to MOO92’s website and click on this news story for the link.