Unemployment ticked back up in November

Unemployment ticked back up in November, following the statewide trend, as the regional labor force grew modestly and more people claimed unemployment as they sought work.

The Derby area saw a bump from 2.8% unemployment in October to 3.9% in November. The rise was based on 140 people rejoining the labor force while the total number of people working dropped by ONE to 11,506. The Derby area is still shy of its pre-pandemic employment when 12,425 were employed in November 2019.

Derby has the highest unemployment rate of the state’s labor market areas, which range all the way down to White River Junction’s 1.9%.

The St. Johnsbury area’s unemployment climbed from 2.1% in October to 2.8% in November. As in Newport, the total number employed held steady with just three fewer people at 12,815 while the total labor force rose to 13,188, an addition of 95 people over October.

“While November’s data shows an increase in Vermont’s unemployment rate from 2.3% to 2.5%, this rate is still incredibly low for Vermont,” said Labor Commissioner Michael Harrington. “Additionally, the number of available jobs remains high, with approximately three open jobs for every one jobseeker.”

Harrington added that the Department of Labor is able to assist people with obtaining benefits, identifying new employment, or assisting with a career change and training.

“There are amazing job opportunities available all across our state at some really amazing employers,” added Harrington, directing people to www.VermontJobLink.com to view more than 11,500 jobs and www.Labor.Vermont.gov/Jobs for information on events and services.

Across the state total private industries increased by 3,300 jobs and government (including public education) employment increased by 1,700 jobs in the past yea