Work on the second floor at Maple Lane Retirement Home is wrapping up

 Work on the second floor at Maple Lane Retirement Home is wrapping up and the facility is nearly ready to welcome new tenants. Located on the same grounds as the Maple Lane Nursing Home on Maple Lane, the retirement home is an assisted living facility that mainly houses senior citizens but also provides space for younger people. Facility manager Caitlin Bernardini said the age range of tenants currently is between 48 and 89. The upstairs portion has been unused due to necessary renovations following roof troubles that lead to leaking. The roof was replaced last summer and the work necessary to repair and renovate the four rooms on the second floor is nearly finished. The facility has new living room furniture and bedroom furniture in some of the rooms. Maple Lane has a total of 16 beds. Five employees work with Bernardini, and the home is staffed around the clock. Bernadini said the staffing level is sufficient, but having someone willing to work on a per diem basis to fill in when regular staff can’t make it in would be helpful. There is a nurse who is on-call 24 hours a day who does meet with residents regularly. Bernadini, who began managing Maple Lane in May of last year, spoke highly of the care of the staff by the residents and mentioned how well things went at the height of the pandemic. She said the facility didn’t have a single case of COVID-19. Space is available and Bernadini said Maple Lane is taking applicants. Call the retirement home at 802-754-2323 for more information.