A Central Vermont man is on the move

A Central Vermont man is on the move, and he’s taking his house with him. It’s all because of different zoning rules between the neighboring towns of Huntington and Bolton. Rick Weston is moving his whole house from Huntington to Bolton, a journey of just 12 feet. “If I move it to there, it’s in Bolton. By moving it to there, they’re letting me live in it year-round. If I leave it here, I can’t,” Weston explained. At issue are zoning regulations. Weston wants to transform the home from a seasonal camp to a year-round residence, but Huntington prohibits that kind of conversion in woodland and conservation districts. But across the town line in Bolton, the conversion is allowed. Now, there’s a new foundation outside. Weston says given Bolton’s less stringent land use laws, he’s going to hire a company to pick his house up and move it just over the town line. A distance of 12 feet.