A four-time convicted felon has now been indicted

A four-time convicted felon has now been indicted on federal fraud charges in connection with him filing false claims for COVID-19 relief funds. Leon Delima, 35, of South Burlington, is charged with illegally obtaining over $17,000 from the Payroll Protection Program in 2021 in Vermont. It said his application was denied because he lied about his felony record. Delima fraudulently claimed on application that he had $85,600 in business income from a marketing consulting firm, which was non-existent. Delima is facing a second felony count for unsuccessfully trying to obtain money from the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program. The third charge is interstate wire fraud, by developing a scheme to try to unlawfully obtain money by transmitting a false PPP loan application across state lines to Benworth Capitol located in Florida.