A teenager who allegedly shot Robert Stamps turned himself in

A teenager who allegedly shot Robert Stamps on Lafayette Street in St. Johnsbury turned himself in on Tuesday on a $50,000 arrest warrant. Kameron Garcia of Connecticut, who was 16 at the time of the shooting, allegedly shot Stamps in the neck during a drug dispute in January of 2022. Deputy State’s Attorney Tom Paul asked Judge Michael R. Kainen to continue to hold Garcia on $50,000. But the judge decided not to hold Garcia because he was wearing an ankle bracelet from the State of Connecticut (GPS), and he was being sentenced to jail in Connecticut on Thursday for another shooting after he allegedly “shot up a house” in New Britain, Connecticut. Judge Kainen also set conditions of release, with a 24-hour curfew. Garcia is also not allowed to possess any weapons, make contact with Stamps, or enter Vermont unless it’s for a court hearing.