A Vermont sheriff will lose his law enforcement certification

A Vermont sheriff who will lose his law enforcement certification for kicking a shackled detainee remained defiant Monday in front of a special legislative committee, despite calls for his resignation by the Vermont Sheriffs’ Association.  John Grismore said he was elected sheriff by the residents of Franklin County — a vote he won even after being fired from the same department — and vowed not to abandon his post to appease outsiders. The Vermont Criminal Justice Council voted last week that Grismore permanently lose his ability to enforce the law for violating the state’s use of force policy. He will remain as sheriff but could not issue tickets, make arrests or investigate crimes. Grismore said 99% of his job as sheriff is administrative and that he plans to appeal the council’s decision. Grismore has repeatedly defended his actions and pleaded not guilty last year to a simple assault charge. He said that he’s never thought of resigning.