Chip Schneider was found not guilty of 2nd-degree attempted murder

​Chip Schneider was found not guilty of 2nd-degree attempted murder by a jury in November of 2023. But it was a hung jury on the other two felony aggravated assault charges. Now, the Caledonia County State’s Attorney’s Office will bring those charges back for a trial in September. “The state intends to re-try on the two counts of aggravated assault,” said State’s Attorney Jessica Zaleski during a hearing on Monday. Schneider, 34, had been accused of firing multiple gunshots into an occupied Chevy pick-up during a dispute over the theft of a safe containing thousands of dollars in cash in 2021. Police said Schneider allegedly tried to kill Dylan Cady, by shooting a .40 caliber Glock 22 handgun at the pick-up Cady was riding in with. Police said the alleged shooting took place at Schneider’s mother’s house at 561 Cobb Road in Walden just before midnight on Thursday, March 18, 2021. The alleged incident occurred after Cady and Brandon Elliot arrived looking for Cady’s safe which had been reported stolen from Cady’s home in Barton earlier in the day. Schneider, who spent over a year and a half in jail, is now released on conditions and bail which are still in place until the next trial.