Christopher Degreenia, missing after fleeing police, now sought on no-bail warrant

Three days before he fled police and ran into the woods in Lyndon. Christopher Degreenia, 34, who is still missing, is now wanted on a hold-without-bail arrest warrant. On Aug. 9, Lt. Mark Bickford was on patrol when he spotted a vehicle near the old Wine Gate restaurant and approached it, saying he needed to speak with the operator. The operator put the vehicle into reverse and backed quickly out of its parking spot. Lt. Bickford yelled at the operator to get him to stop. The rear passenger side door opened, and Miranda Chaput, 30, jumped out. Lt. Bickford pointed at the operator and ordered him to stop. Instead, the vehicle accelerated and drove straight at him. Lt. Bickford was forced to step to the side to get out of the way of the vehicle or he would have been struck by the vehicle.” Degreenia has now been charged with eight crimes, including felony charges of eluding a police officer, reckless or gross negligent operation of a motor vehicle and aggravated assault with a weapon. Degreenia has also been with charges of firearm possession prohibition, loaded gun in a motor vehicle and three counts of violating conditions of release. Degreenia has been charged as a habitual offender due to his prior felony convictions and could face up to life in prison.