Clarksville woman – theft case update

A Clarksville woman who announced her intent to plead guilty to stealing nearly $350,000 over the course of five years from two Colebrook car dealerships she had worked at will serve no time in state prison, but will be required to serve a year in jail, publicly apologize, and pay back the money she stole. Tina Fournier, 48, was indicted on two Class A felony counts of theft by unauthorized taking and three Class A felony counts of credit card fraud. According to a fully negotiated plea filed Monday with the court, the defense and prosecution settled on a 12-month sentence in the Coos County House of Corrections, three years of probation upon release, payment of restitution, and the public apology to Marc Bigney, of Brooks Chevrolet; Don Noyes, of Noyes Chevrolet; Dan Dagesse; and the Brooks Chevrolet and Noyes Chevrolet communities. In addition, Fournier was given a state prison sentence of 3 1/2 to 7 years for credit card fraud, all of which was suspended on condition of 10 years of good behavior.