Franconia Police officer who improperly ran plates has resigned

A Franconia Police officer who improperly ran plates for unauthorized purposes has resigned rather than face criminal charges. The New Hampshire Attorney General‘s office on Wednesday announced that former FPD officer Gary Pilotte misused the State Police On-Line Telecommunications System following a 2018 off-duty incident. Evidence showed that Pilotte queried the number plate of a vehicle to obtain and use information about the registered owner for an improper purpose, authorities said. Under his agreement with the Attorney General’s office, Pilotte resigned from the Franconia Police Department and further agreed to the following: He will voluntarily surrender his certification as a law enforcement officer in the State of New Hampshire, he will be placed on a national registry of decertified officers; He will not seek future employment as a law enforcement officer, He will not have any contact with the registered owner of the number plate queried in this matter for a period of two years. The Attorney General Office’s file in this matter will remain open for a period of two years to monitor Pilotte’s adherence to the terms and conditions of the agreement, at which time the Attorney General’s Office will close the matter with no further action.