Husband and wife from Norton, Vt., are pleading guilty

Nearly a year after being arrested with 29 others, a husband and wife from Norton, Vt., are pleading guilty in federal court to charges of drug distribution following a large-scale local, state, and federal drug sweep in Coos and Grafton counties. Alec Supernois, 29, and Kimberly Supernois, 28, are each charged with conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute fentanyl. Alec Supernois also pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted escape, which had occurred days after his April 2023 arrest by the DEA. A plea agreement was filed for Alec Supernois in federal court on Friday. The couple, on six occasions between June 30 and Aug. 10, 2022, sold fentanyl to a confidential source. On Aug. 31, 2022, investigators, arranged another purchase of fentanyl from Kimberly Supernois, who drove to Colebrook for the purchase. Once in New Hampshire, investigators stopped her vehicle and, after she consented to a search, found 317 grams of fentanyl inside. She told investigators that she and the defendant bought fentanyl regularly from their supplier in Lawrence, Mass., and were buying roughly one pound at a time. When investigators went to the Supernois’ home in Norton, Alec Supernois answered the door, consented to a search of the residence, and showed investigators where he had stored more than half a pound of fentanyl.  Each Supernois faces a maximum term of 20 years in prison. Alec Supernois faces an additional five years for the charge of attempted escape.