In a 2022 Morrisville murder case, Seth Brunell, 45, is charged

In a 2022 Morrisville murder case, Seth Brunell, 45, is charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing of 29-year-old Fern Feather, whose birthname was Zack. Brunell told police he’d been released from a mental health ward and friends say Feather spotted him walking barefoot and gave him a ride. A couple of days later, police say, Brunell used a 12-inch knife to kill Feather. He claims Feather made sexual advances toward him. Police found no evidence that Brunell was attacked, as he claims. Investigators looked into whether the murder was linked to Feather’s gender identity. Fern Feather grew up in Irasburg but in April 2022, Zack was stabbed to death in Morrisville. The murder shattered the family and left state leaders, including the governor, condemning the violence. Zack went by the name Fern Feather. Fern’s alleged killer, Seth Brunell, claims self-defense, but police don’t buy it, and neither do Fern’s friends and family. They’re also getting frustrated with how long it’s taking for justice. But friends and family will have to wait another five to six months for Brunell to go on trial for murder. Lamoille County State’s Attorney Aleena Gerhard just got more evidence from state police, and though she can’t say what it is, the defense has asked for a delay in the trial. Gerhard says they are currently looking at a trial start date of October or November. And Gerhard says an additional hate crime charge, which comes with greater penalties is unlikely because there just wasn’t enough evidence.