Judge Justin P. Jiron has been moved to family court

After three and a half months in Orleans criminal court, Judge Justin P. Jiron has been moved to family court. That’s according to the judiciary’s “Superior Judge Rotation Schedule” posted online. Judge Jiron will now handle family court, juveniles and relief from abuse orders. Meanwhile, Judge Rory T. Thibault has been appointed to the bench in the Orleans County criminal court. Thibault, who was the Washington County State’s Attorney, was appointed by Gov. Scott in June. Judge Jiron, who was a Chittenden County prosecutor, was appointed by Gov. Scott in December 2021. He spent two years in Caledonia/Essex criminal court but was rotated out of Caledonia in September into Orleans criminal court. Judge Jiron makes $182,499.20 per year as a judge. That’s according to the public State of Vermont salary listings for state employees. Judge Jiron has a record of not finding probable cause on charges and regularly releasing alleged criminals on conditions of release. Judge Jiron was retained in February by the legislative Judicial Retention Committee at the statehouse in Montpelier. But he has been criticized by state senator Russ Ingalls. And Judge Jiron recently released Orleans County suspect Cody Myott on conditions of release despite a mental health professional and Orleans County State’s Attorney arguing that Myott should be placed into an in-patient psychiatric care facility.