Landlord Rick Schwag owes the Town of Lyndon a lot of money

 Landlord Rick Schwag owes the Town of Lyndon a lot of money, which has put the town in a tough spot. According to town documents, Schwag still owns an apartment building at 427 Main St. in Lyndon and he currently owes the town a water bill totaling almost $20,000. His last payment to the town was in August of 2021, so the town moved to shut off the water. But the result was a lawsuit against the town by one of Schwag’s tenants. According to court documents, tenant Jeremy Hannan sued the town after the water was twice shut off to the building, saying he needed the water. The town turned the water back on after a doctor’s note certifying Hannon’s health issues. But the case, is still pending in Court and is being handled by Vermont Legal Aid staff. “Mr. Hannan, on his own and later through counsel, spoke with town officials, and requested that the bill be put in his name. Town officials said that the Town had never done this in the past.”  The water to the building has now been turned back on for several months, according to town officials. As of Friday afternoon, Landlord Schwag has still not paid the outstanding water bill.