Police arrested a Hardwick man for fentanyl possession

Police arrested a Hardwick man for fentanyl possession and trafficking in the Maplefields parking lot on Tuesday morning. Dana Patten, 46, was located in the driver’s seat of a vehicle parked at the convenience store, according to a report by Officer Jasmine Hendry. The officer noted that she and Lt. Mark Bickford went to the store after someone reported “two individuals were slumped over in a car.” The officers determined that the man in the driver’s seat was Patten and that he has a suspended driver’s license. While taking him into custody small white wax bags and a large amount of cash were found in Patten’s pockets. Prior to the search, Patten reportedly told the officer, “You’re going to find some stuff in this pocket.” The amount of cash in his pocket totaled $828.92, the officer noted, and the total number of wax bags seized was 80. Officer Hendry stated the contents of the white wax bags tested positive for fentanyl. Patten will face arraignment in Caledonia Superior Court on June 5. In addition to the possession and trafficking charges, he also faces a charge of driving with a suspended license.