Scott Rogers wants to open Sugaz to the public

Scott Rogers has hosted parties and events at his home on Diamond Pond Road for over 20 years. Today, those gatherings take place in a converted garage that has become a private venue of sorts, nicknamed “Suga’z Gentlemen’s Club.” Now, Rogers wants to open Suga’z to the public. While he goes through the permitting process, he faces questions about whether Suga’z will be a strip bar. Rogers says no. While the “gentlemen’s club” would feature adult dancers, they would be part of a wide-ranging entertainment line-up that would also include live music, stand-up comedy, karaoke, and more, he said. Suga’z prominently displays the words “adult entertainment” on its Facebook page, but Rogers estimated that topless or nude dancers would be scheduled roughly twice a month. Those dancers will be booked through an entertainment company.  If the business permits are approved, Rogers would continue to operate Suga’z as he does now. People would bring their own beer, and liquor would not be allowed. He would charge $25 at the door and an “ice fee” of 50 cents per beer. Hours would be 6 to 11 p.m.