Slow start to summer

To say it’s been a gloomy June is an understatement. On the calendar, summer began on June 21, but with almost every day this month seeing cloudy skies and rain showers, many people are wondering when the sunshine will return. Brooke Taber with the National Weather Service says they know the reason why it’s been such a drab summer so far. “We’ve had a very unsettled weather pattern in the last seven to 14 days across most of northern New York and Vermont. Really slow-moving pressure across the region and has provided us with plenty of clouds, areas of showers and thunderstorms,” he said. But he says the precipitation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and that the weather may be brightening up for the weekend. “We were very dry before this in May into June. So, that’s helped to absorb some of the moisture into the ground.  Along with the storm clouds, smoke from the Canadian wildfires is impacting air quality and leaving behind a haziness that’s hard to miss. Despite the slow start to summer, people say they won’t let it get them down and are hopeful for a clear and sunny end to the season.