The planned joint trial has taken an unusual twist

The planned joint trial of a former Williston woman and her son on murder charges for killing her husband during a nighttime ambush in Hinesburg four years ago has taken an unusual twist when Korey George plead guilty and said his mother pulled the trigger. George, 35, struck a plea deal that is expected to get him a prison term of 18 years to life for pleading guilty to conspiring with his mother, Angela Auclair, to kill her husband, David Auclair, 45, of Williston, at a rural parking area off Gilman Road in Hinesburg in July of 2019. George is expected to be a key witness against his mother when she goes on trial in October.  Angela Auclair, now 50, killed her estranged husband by firing 11 gunshots into him as he tried to crawl under a truck to escape the attack. The investigation had pointed to George as the apparent shooter after stealing firearms from a Colchester home to carry out the plan. There was some belief his mother was home at the time of the shooting. David Auclair’s bullet-riddled body was part of an execution-styled homicide orchestrated by his estranged wife, Angela– who also is George’s mother. George will get credit for time served since his arrest on state charges in November 2019. His mother was arrested in December 2019.