The Select Board approved the Lyndon Farmers Markets request

The Select Board approved the Lyndon Farmers Market’s request to return to Bandstand Park on Monday,  the central, highly visible downtown location.  The farmers market relocated to Powers Park last year over parking restrictions at Bandstand Park. Those restrictions prohibited vendors from parking on the lawn and selling from their vehicles, which was a deal breaker at the time. However, after a year at Powers Park, the farmers market agreed to accept the parking restrictions to return to high-profile Bandstand Park for its 2024 season every Friday afternoon from June 7 to Oct. 11. Under the parking restrictions, vendors needing to use their vehicles for inventory and storage (such as those selling perishables and refrigerated products) can park in public spaces along the park’s western border. Other vendors would be allowed to drive onto the green to drop off supplies, then park their vehicles behind the municipal building. The former Village Trustees last year banned parking on the Bandstand Park green after an arborist inspected the trees and found three were in critical condition, and one was dead. Two of the trees were damaged by soil compaction caused by parked vehicles.  A proposed parking solution, making perimeter roads around the park one way and installing angled parking along three of the park’s four sides, remains in the concept stage. It features approximately 30 vendors and draws approximately 200 customers during peak season.