Vermont State Police arrested a couple and charged them with several crimes

Vermont State Police arrested a couple and charged them with several crimes after a short manhunt in Barton and Lowell on Friday. 00Alexis Pelletier, 28, Burlington, and Jamie Hoben, 39, Barton, were charged with larceny, unlawful mischief and operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent in conntion with the theft of a vehicle, gun and child’s bike. Police say they started to receive calls early on Friday morning. Ryan King, of Barton, reported a handgun missing from his vehicle at 5:30 a.m. A short time later, troopers received a report of an abandoned vehicle on Hazen’s Notch Rd in Lowell, near Monteith Rd. While responding to this complaint, police learned from Linda Palmer that a Chrysler Pacifica was stolen from Lincoln Ave in Barton. Police determined the vehicles were the same. Later in the day, at approximately 3 p.m., police received a report from Garett Draper of Lowell that someone had gone through his vehicle several miles away on Hazen’s Notch Rd in Lowell Village. Troopers responded, investigated the complaint, and collected evidence. At approximately 5:30 p.m., Draper again contacted troopers and reported two people of interest had been sighted in Lowell Village. Several troopers responded and Hoben was immediately located and identified. While searching the area, a trooper was flagged down by a young boy who reported his bicycle was stolen by a woman. Shortly after that, troopers received a call from Amy Tetreault reporting the individual had entered their car on Hazen’s Notch Rd, defecated and urinated in it, and was attempting to steal a UTV from their yard. Troopers arrived quickly and located and detained Alexis Pelletier as a suspect. After an investigation, police believe Pelletier stole the firearm and vehicle overnight in Barton before traveling with Hoben to Hazen’s Notch, where the vehicle ran out of gas. Pelletier is then believed to have buried the firearm in the area of Monteith Rd. Troopers searched this area but were unsuccessful in locating it. Police cited Pelletier and Hoben into court on June 18th.