What will it take to make Vermonts public transit system financially sustainable

What will it take to make Vermont’s public transit system financially sustainable? Vermont has seven transit providers in different parts of the state. Pandemic stimulus funds have dried up and they have been taking on higher costs caused by inflation, staffing shortages, decreased riders, and other factors. In a new report to state lawmakers, officials estimate more than a $3.5 million deficit by 2027. They stress that keeping regional public transit afloat is critical for people without transportation. “People still need to get where they need to go, whether it’s to work, medical appointments, social services, legal services, school — people need to get where they need to go to be members of society,” said Jim Moulton with Tri-Valley Transit. To draw down federal funds, the report suggests lawmakers pass new fees on electric utilities, vehicle registrations, retail deliveries, or a new tax on rental cars.