A Groveton man is trying to get out of a stint in prison

Less than four months after pleading guilty in a fatal drug overdose case, a Groveton man is trying to get out of a stint in prison by arguing he had ineffective legal counsel. Mason R. Therriault, 30, was indicted by a Coos Superior Court grand jury on a special class felony count of sale of a controlled drug with death resulting, a special class felony count of a subsequent sale of fentanyl in an amount greater than one gram, a Class A felony count of sale of a controlled drug, and two Class A felony counts of possession of a controlled drug. Therriault sold the opioid to Evan Laundry, 25, of Groveton, who then inhaled or ingested the drug and died several hours later, on or about Oct. 5, said prosecutors. In February, Therriault, who was represented by defense attorney Leonard Harden, pleaded guilty. On May 31, Harden filed a motion to withdraw as Therriault’s attorney. The judge granted the motion.

The National Weather Service says the plume of smoke in the air from wildfires in Quebec should be clearing by today. Last Friday, thunderstorms in northern Quebec caused wildfires in a remote area of the province. Now, the smoke plumes have arrived thanks to the wind over areas in Vermont and northern New York. “Those sensitive populations with breathing issues, or the elderly, we are asking them to take precautions to maybe stay indoors. Some people have even reported a burning smell and soot on their vehicles due to a heavy plume.