A Vermont State trooper is being credited with saving her life

A Vermont State trooper, who jumped into a bone-chilling icy pond in Lamoille County to rescue a drowning young girl, is being credited with saving her life. State Trooper Michelle Archer was on routine patrol in Cambridge when she received an emergency radio call from the public safety dispatcher concerning a report of two children who had fallen through the ice at a private pond off Vermont 15 shortly before 9 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 17, officials said. Archer, who was just a couple of minutes away, arrived near East View Road, jumped out of her patrol cruiser and got some basic information. She diagnosed the situation as she ran toward the pond, took off her gun belt and dove into the frigid water, State Police Lt. Cory Lozier said Friday. He said Archer had the presence of mind to grab a small life preserver with a rope that state troopers carry in their patrol vehicles. Archer found the freezing 8-year-old girl and brought her back to a snowbank on solid ground to hand her off to State Trooper Keith Cote, who provided needed first aid, Lozier said.