A wallet was stolen out of a truck at a trailer park on Shattuck Hill Road

A wallet was stolen out of a truck at a trailer park on Shattuck Hill Road in Derby. And once police began the investigation, Sheila Canto, 57, of Coventry, admitted stealing the wallet. “Canto said she took the wallet from an unlocked truck.” wrote Orleans County Deputy Sheriff Daniel Locke in his report. “She told me she was just looking for cigarettes to take but grabbed the wallet.” Canto pleaded not guilty on Tuesday in Orleans Superior Court on nine charges including felony charge of identity theft and misdemeanor charges of petit larceny, possession of stolen property and six charges of false pretenses. On Oct. 24, at approximately 2:19 p.m, Deputy Sheriff Daniel Locke spoke with Desiree Harmons, 25, who said her husband’s wallet had been stolen out of his truck on Oct. 23. The wallet contained $158 in cash, his driver’s license, crane license, credit card and a bank debit card. Harmons told police that that her husband’s credit card had been used twice at the West Side Deli located in Newport. Harmons also told police that the credit card was attempted to be used at the “Jimmy Kwik” store on Coventry Street in Newport, but was declined. “The owner of Jimmy Kwik provided this officer with a copy of surveillance video from the store, which showed a female attempting to use the card.  The female was identified as Sheila Canto by the Newport Police Department. Canto faces a possible sentence of up to nine years in prison and $11,000 in fines.