A woman from China has been arrested in the Northeast Kingdom

A woman from China has been arrested in the Northeast Kingdom after authorities said she attempted to smuggle 29 Eastern Box Turtles – which are protected under the federal Endangered Species Act – from Vermont into Canada. The U.S. Border Patrol intercepted Wang Yee, 41, of Hong Kong as she prepared to use an inflatable kayak on Wallace Pond in Canaan to paddle into Canada to apparently meet her husband and a companion last Wednesday, state federal court records. The turtles are valued at over $1,000 each on the Chinese Black Market. Yee, who has been living in Canada with a temporary visa in recent years, was ordered jailed at a South Burlington prison following a hearing Friday afternoon. During the court hearing, Federal Magistrate Kevin J. Doyle said preliminary information from the Pre-Trial Services Office indicates the defendant owns a $1 million home in Calgary without a mortgage. Doyle said Yee and her husband also appear to have a home in Hong Kong valued at $5 million.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Alberti argued Yee is a serious risk to flee. He said she used a Tourist Visa from Canada multiple time to enter the United States apparently for the sole purpose of committing criminal acts.