After being indicted by two Grafton Superior Court grand juries on felony counts

After being indicted by two Grafton Superior Court grand juries on felony counts that charged him with shaking an infant girl and causing eye damage, a Lisbon man, as part of a plea deal, will serve no time behind bars.

In December, Brodie Labonte, 27, was indicted on a Class B felony count each of second-degree assault and reckless conduct.

Between Oct. 19 and Nov. 8, 2021, in Lisbon, Labonte was alleged to have recklessly shaken an infant girl described in the indictment as days to weeks old at the time and suffered intra-retinal (eye) hemorrhages as a result of the shaking.  Those charges were dismissed in January when Labonte was indicted by another grand jury on the same Class B felony count of second-degree assault causing serious bodily injury as well as a Class A misdemeanor count of simple assault, carrying an extended term of imprisonment, for knowingly causing the hemorrhage injuries and a Class A misdemeanor count of recklessly causing bodily injury to another. Before the charges could go to an arraignment and bail hearing scheduled for June 10, prosecutors dismissed the later felony assault charge in exchange for Labonte pleading guilty to the second misdemeanor assault charge. As part of a fully negotiated plea agreement, Labonte, was given a 12-month sentence in the Grafton County House of Corrections, which is suspended for two years on condition of good behavior and completion of any counseling, treatment, or educational programs.

Before the felony charges were dropped, he faced a maximum state prison sentence of 3 1/2 to 7 years on each count.