Efforts to protect Miller’s Run Covered Bridge are inching forward

Efforts to protect Miller’s Run Covered Bridge are inching forward. After multiple delays, Town Administrator Justin Smith said that plans to build overhead clearance barriers on either end of the bridge are proceeding. The progress was reported after two Penske moving trucks struck the bridge in separate incidents on Sunday. The barriers were conceived two years ago to prevent vehicles that exceed the 11-foot-9 height limit from colliding with the historic 145-year-old span. The 2022 municipal budget included $16,000 to design, build and install the barriers. However, the project was shelved due to a 200-percent increase in steel prices. Following renewed discussions last year, The Town Meeting in March approved additional funding for the estimated $30,000 project. The project was again delayed, while the town looked for an engineer to stamp the plans. Once the plans are in hand, Smith and the Select Board would price out the material, fabrication, and installation costs. The Select Board would review the assembled price quotes and choose one of two paths: Proceed immediately using cash on hand, or request additional funding through next year’s Town Meeting.