Family members of a Newport man arrested say he had delusional thoughts

Family members of a Newport man arrested last month on weapon and assault charges say he had delusional thoughts but still did not get the mental health treatment he needed. On Sunday, October 29th, Orleans County Sheriff’s deputies pulled over 30-year-old Cody Myott in Newport Center for an expired registration. Inside Myott’s car, police say they discovered three loaded guns with the serial numbers filed off. Myott was already under a 24-hour curfew and was not allowed to possess a firearm.  Myott was charged with violating his conditions and resisting arrest. He got a mental health screening and appeared in court on October 30th.  Judge Justin Jiron declined to keep Myott for mental health treatment, stating he did not see a “mechanism to order in-patient treatment.” Judge Jiron released Myott and had his guns taken away. But investigators say that didn’t stop him from getting violent. House Judiciary Chair Rep. Martin LaLonde, said  “We will need to take a look at this and find out from the courts, prosecutors, and defenders whether the law is too vague and needs to be amended,” he said.