Five homicides in three weeks and one suspicious death

Five homicides in three weeks and one suspicious death. More than a dozen detectives from VSP’s Major Crime Unit and Bureau of Criminal Investigations have been working on the Wheelock case.  On Oct. 5, retired college dean, Honoree Fleming, 77, was shot in the head in Castleton while walking on a rail trail. On Oct. 14, Wilmer Rodriguez, 27, of Hartford, Connecticut, was found dead on Fararr Road in Newport Town with multiple gunshot wounds. On Oct. 16, Gunnar Watson, 27, who lived on Vermont Route 16 in Wheelock, was killed with a gunshot wound to his torso.  Oct. 24-25, Jahim Solomon, 21, of Pittsfield, Mass, and Eric White, 21, of Chicopee, Mass, were found dead along Albany-Eden Road in Eden – about a mile apart. The cause of death for Solomon was multiple gunshot wounds to the head. The cause of death for White was determined to be a gunshot wound to the head. All five deaths have been ruled as homicides. And on Oct. 25, in the town of Washington, a woman, Tanairy “Tanya” Estrada, 23, who lived most recently in Barre.,  was found dead by hunters in the woods along Poor Farm Road. Vermont State Police consider it to be a “suspicious death.”