A Richford father pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday

A Richford father pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday, a day after his two-year-old son accidentally overdosed on fentanyl. Michael Wilson, 30, of Richford appeared before a judge in St. Albans on child cruelty charges. “The child was left unattended in the bathroom for an undisclosed period of time. It’s believed at this point in time that the child got into the garbage there and obtained a plastic baggie and put that baggie into his mouth,” said Franklin County Sheriff John Grismore. Police say the bag contained fentanyl. The child was administered Narcan to reverse the suspected overdose and taken to the hospital.  While it’s unclear why the son was left in the bathroom and whose drugs were left there, Grismore says the home has been on their radar for illicit drug activity and that Wilson is known to have previous drug-related involvements with the police.