Forever chemicals are everywhere

“Forever chemicals” are everywhere. PFAS are found in hundreds of water-, stain- and grease-proof products such as dental floss, cookware, jackets, carpets, and sunscreen. Even though New Hampshire and Vermont have passed bans on PFAS products, the toxic chemicals have been detected in both states’ air, soil, and drinking water. They have been linked to immune issues, decreased fertility, and increased cancer risk. PFAS are commonly called “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down naturally in the environment and last for years in a person’s bloodstream. That means the risk is long-term and growing daily with every waterproof, stain-proof and grease-proof item tossed into the trash or washed into the sewer. So, how can people help? “We recommend that people do not buy waterproof, water resistant, stainproof, stain resistant, or grease and oil resistant products. Staying away from those terms can diminish the amount of PFAS we consume.”