Hail clobbered crops at the McDonald Farmstand

Hail clobbered crops at the McDonald Farmstand on Friday, cutting the strawberry season short. Too much rain was already limiting this year’s strawberry season, said Farmstand owner Jacob Mills, but hail that peppered the plants early in the afternoon on Friday and pretty much brought the season to a close about a week sooner than normal. Fearful that the wind would blow into the greenhouses, Mills said he ran through the hail to close the doors, as the pellets pelting him. He said most of the stones were smaller than marbles, but they covered a large area and made an impact. The McDonald Farmstand on Route 2 is a popular place for people to purchase produce. Mills said he hopes plants impacted by the hail are not lost. “We’ll see what comes back; I’m not completely counting everything out yet.”